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Sep. 9th, 2011


Semi Friends thingy, Rules & an Announcement

Announcement: I'm looking for translators willing to collaborate ^^ (btw I'm also in futari_fansubs and I'm collaborating with hakka51244 ) but I'll be really happy to work with other people too ^^

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Jan. 3rd, 2011


To all my subscribers! Please read!


Hi everyone, I know I haven't written anything for a long time, no subbing etc, but I guess I've been a bit too busy with university and things like that, but I intend to coma back to it.

Other then that I have something I want to share with you. Me and my friends intend to go on a 1-month Eurotrip this summer. We want to travel in a camper around Europe and meet with a lot of people and see many many places. Would you like to support our project or meet us on the way? Well first of all the blog adress is are-we-going.blogspot.com/ So drop a comment there if you want to, visit it and tell us what you think. Want to meet us? We want to meet you! Or at least I do xD The blog is still a bit under construction so it's not that good but we're still working on it. Help us chase our dreams! ;)

May. 2nd, 2009


Nothing subbing-connected sorry ^^'' Meme~

I got tagged a looong time ago by hitomipyon and I promised I'd do it... No subbing today, sorry, I promise I'll submit a big batch after my tests end. By the way they start on monday and end on the 22th of may =3 So I need to work hard for some more time >.<

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I tag everyone who watches this lj because I'd love to learn something about the people who download my subs =3 So please tell me when you did it ^^



Apr. 22nd, 2009

iku-chan angel

Last subbs before the exams... Shounen Club Premium with Ikuta Toma

You thought I'm on hiatus? Well guess what! I am =3 I'm in the middle of prepering for the most important exams of my life after all.  But anyway I kind of had some time today and I sat down and did it. Notice please that it's the longest project I've translated on my own ever and that neither English nor Japanese is my first language. Apart from that... Just enjoy... And PLEASE, I really mean it, do not upload to streaming sites.

Here I present:
Shounen Club Pramium with Ikuta Toma (19.04.09)

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Feb. 27th, 2009


Yuzu 'Aitai'

Sorry, no subs today ^^ But when it comes to subs guess what's here... What's with people not reading rules? >.> I lose all my motivation to sub a pretty old but really good Oshareism episode with Toma >.> But meh..

It has been decided that Yuzu's videoclip collection 'Rokukasen Midori' (「録歌選 緑」)  is going to be released on the 22th of April.

After the release of 'Rokukasen 1~ONE~' (「録歌選 1~ONE~」) from the 'Rokukasen series'  4 years ago the newestworks are pv's like: 'Choutokyuu', 'Hi wa mata noboru', 'Harukaze', 'Wonderful World'. The released compilation will contain of 9 video clips in total, which have been released between 2005-2008.

Furthermore, before the planned release date of the DVD a new single 'Aitai' is going to be released!

The single and the DVD bought together are going to cost 4990円 so that Yuzukko's keep their pocket money safe ;D

Information about 'Aitai' (added on the 1st om March)Collapse )

Source: http://natalie.mu/ (though you can read it on their site too)
Translated by me,I don't mind if you repost.

Jan. 22nd, 2009


To sub downloaders. ANGRY!! And I mean it!!

Did I ever ask anyone to read the rules? Um... Ya!!! But do they? They don't -.- Wanna see?? HERE!!!!!
Can anyone who has a youtube account ask the uploader to delete the video? Because I don't think I'm gonna make one for such a reason @.@ Please help?

What's rule no.1 again then? HERE, rule no1 xxl size:Collapse )

Edit: It's not that the video was 'stolen' that made me angry. It was that the only rule that I have was broken. As a subber i only ask for this one thing ^^ Plus you can't really steal a thing that is given away - free for downloading for everyone. 

Thank you everyone for your help ^^

Dec. 31st, 2008

happy music

KAT-TUN DVD QOP - MC (Guest - YamaP) subbed

It's been a long time since you've had a release from me >.< Sorry... I seem to be busy with school lately... But I still managed to sub something for you all as a New Year's gift! Behold!

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Nov. 2nd, 2008


Yuzu - Umaku Ienai lyrics

Hmm... It's my first time translating lyrics from japanese but I absolutelu love this song  and just had to share it.

Kanji - うまく 言えないCollapse )

Romaji - Umaku IenaiCollapse )

English - I'm not good at saying itCollapse )

Polish - Nie potrafię ładnie ubrać tego w słowaCollapse )

If anyone is willing to listen to the song: DL
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V6 - Swing!! pv

Long time no see...
Sorry it took me so long, especially because I started it right after it was released, but many things happened and I noticed I'm really busy lately. But well... It's not like I'm subbing for money so It's ok ;P Probably... I present you with:


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Oct. 9th, 2008

style 3

Small project...

It's been a long while since I posted anything, mainly because I was busy with school and other stuff. So yeah... I had my b-day on Saturday and I'm legal now. Meaning I can walk around the city dead drunk and people wont bother. Yay... Thatk you for all the friend adds ^^ Ok here you go:

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